2015 Residential Code for Gas Pipe Support

The 2015 Residential Code (G2418) requires gas pipe  support both vertically and horizontally.  Horizontal support spacing distances vary by pipe diameter and can be found in table G2424.1.  The distance varies anywhere from six to ten feet depending on pipe diameter.

Section G2418.1 requires pipes to be supported by metal pipe hooks, straps, brackets, hangers or building structural components suitable for the size of piping.  The support must also be installed at intervals that will prevent or damp out excessive vibration.  Support shall meet requirements of MSS SP-58 which are standard practices developed and approved by the Manufacturers Standardization Society of the Valve and Fitting Industry, Inc.

Section G24.24.1 requires support spacing for CSST (Corrugated Stainless Still Tubing) piping to conform to the manufacturers requirements.


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