2015 Residential Code for roof drip edge flashing

The 2015 International Residential Code (R905.2.8.5) requires the use of drip edge flashings on eaves and rake edges of shingled roofs.  The flashing should extend a minimum of ¼” below the roof sheathing and 2” back onto the roof sheathing.  The flashing should be mechanically fastened every 12 inches or less to the roof sheathing. Adjoining flashing should be lapped a minimum of 2”over the lower section.  Underlayment at the rake edge should continue under flashing while underlayment at the eave should be installed over.

This section of the code was first introduced in the 2012 IRC and carried over into the 2015 edition with minor language revisions.  While this provision is relatively new to the IRC, it has been a requirement in the National Roofing Contractors Association manual (NRCA) for well over a decade.   Here is a link from an article in 1996 describing the use of drip edge flashings.

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