2017 NFPA Code LP-Gas storage locations

The 2017 NFPA 58 provides requirements for LP-Gas containers.  Location distances to various objects including lot lines, structures, ignition sources, power lines, other tanks, etc. can be found in chapter 6.

Specific distance requirements to building openings and ignitions sources can be found in sections and respectably.  Section addresses openings below the tanks point of discharge while deals with ignition sources in any direction of the pressure relief valve, vent or filling connection.

Sections and do not provide specific distances to hazards, but they do direct the reader to Table, which does.  In order to use this table, the reader must first determine the type of LP-Gas container used.    For more information on the difference between ASME and DOT container click here.

Once the type of container is determined, the reader can easily determine the length requirements for either distance to openings below, or distance to ignition sources.   While this table addresses these two specific issues, more information regarding tank separation distances and other LP-Gas requirements will be located in NFPA chapter 58 (NFPA); The International Fire Code chapter 61 (IFC) and the International Fuel Gas Code (IFGC).

Here is a link to a distance diagram you may find useful.

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